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Why You Should Work with a Financial Advisor After the Death of Your Spouse

How an Advisor Can Offer You Support and Guidance During This Difficult Time

The loss of a spouse or partner is often traumatic and in the midst of the grieving it can be difficult for the surviving spouse or partner to sort through the myriad financial tasks and decisions that will impact his/her (and the family’s) future well-being.  Well-meaning family and friends can often offer conflicting advice or advice that isn’t financially appropriate.  At such a time, a surviving spouse or partner needs an objective professional who will listen patiently to his/her concerns, help to focus attention on those decisions that need to be made sooner than others and then over time help him/her obtain a holistic view of his/her financial picture while offering advice on a range of topics that will impact his/her life for the years to come.

One of the most beneficial roles of a financial professional is to offer guidance in the midst of a life-changing event. Working with the right qualified financial advisor can bring calm In the midst of a chaotic time and provide a path to make sound financial decisions that can ultimately help the surviving spouse/partner regain his/her sense of financial independence and enable a good quality of life.  Below, are a few key ways a financial advisor can be of assistance as you navigate changing finances.

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