Multi-Generational Wealth Planning

At its core, multi-generational planning helps ensure wealth is passed from one generation to another with the hope that a family’s wealth can be used to meet the lifetime needs of multiple generations.

Multi-Generational Needs

Each generation’s needs are unique and can compete for both time and resources.

Young Adults

  • Young adult children may be focused on starting a career, purchasing their first home, and/or starting a family.

Aging Parents

  • Aging parents’ needs may include aging in place safely to understanding and discussing their financial circumstances to help when financial decisions surrounding care arise.

Regardless of the need, there are often a variety of strategies that can help families manage available assets to meet the lifetime needs of multiple generations.



Whether it is annual family gifting or a more formalized charitable giving strategy, we help clients assess how much they can give, determine the most tax-efficient way to provide the gift(s), discuss potential gifting strategies and highlight the pros/cons of each.

Wealth Transfer

Family dynamics can be challenging, and communication can be difficult.  To help ensure that your family’s wealth and legacy endures, you must make purposeful financial decisions.  To help inform those decisions, one cannot underestimate the importance of discussing family wealth, understanding the individual needs of each family member, communicating what the family is trying to accomplish, and the plan to achieve those goals.

Investing for Younger Generations

Many families that have accumulated sufficient assets to ensure a secure retirement are interested in providing for their heirs.  A deliberate investment strategy/policy that can span multiple generations, for the portion of your portfolio that exceeds the clients’ overall needs, may be a way to achieve that goal.

Family Loan

Whether it’s an investment that ultimately increases the family’s wealth (e.g. home purchase, business venture, etc.) or an enhancement loan (e.g. undergraduate degree, advanced education, etc.) a family loan may be appropriate.  For clients interested in funding lifetime needs for future generations, family loan benefits all parties.  With our in-house tax expertise, we can provide guidance and help you make an informed decision.

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