Wealth Management

As your Wealth Advisors, we help manage every aspect of your financial life, partnering, educating, and guiding you throughout the process to help you make well-informed financial decisions.

Our depth of expertise across tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, investment management, and risk management allows us to serve as guides for our clients through crucial life transitions. Whether you’re changing careers, buying and selling real estate, relocating, helping family members with college, retirement, the loss of a spouse or working on leaving a legacy – we are here to provide financial guidance.

Our Comprehensive Wealth Management Services Include:

Executive Benefits

We offer a bespoke service to our executive clients, where we analyze their corporate benefits packages and integrate them with their overall financial plans. In doing so, we are able to achieve the most comprehensive and cost-efficient approach to your benefits planning.

Equity Compensation

Your equity compensation can play a significant role in your overall financial plan. Whether you require a strategy around RSUs, ISOs, NQSOs, Mergers, or IPOs, we are here to help you grow and preserve your wealth with an equity compensation strategy that addresses your current needs and aligns with your future financial goals.

Tax Planning

At WFA, much of our wealth management advice is rooted in effective tax planning. As a result, we take a proactive approach to finding tax deductions and creating tax-advantaged solutions. Throughout the process, we proactively review tax opportunities including minimizing investment-related taxation and evaluating philanthropic planning structures, and implementing those that will help to clarify your philanthropic values. 

Risk Management

A proper risk management plan can significantly soften the blow of unexpected and challenging events and setbacks. We will start by conducting an objective needs analysis of your disability income protection, health, life, long-term care, and property and casualty insurance needs. We will also do an audit and review of your existing insurance policies and ownership structure. 

Liquidity Planning

Ensuring you have liquidity for everyday living and events is often easier said than done. Working together and ensuring you live within your means, we can help you make provisions for expenses like weddings, vacations, the purchase of homes, planes, boats, jewelry, art, and other activities and personal interests. We will also assist with liability management to help you optimally structure your debt to fund specific goals within your financial plan.

College Planning

A solid wealth management plan to fund the college education of your children or grandchildren can provide them with an invaluable headstart in life. We can help you develop an effective strategy for saving and paying for their education. We will incorporate many available techniques, taking into account your tax situation and available investment assets.

Trust & Estate Planning

In collaboration with a qualified attorney, we assist our clients with the drafting and execution of their estate document design (wills, durable powers of attorney, healthcare directives, and irrevocable life insurance trusts, etc.). In addition to this, we help our clients set up comprehensive wealth transfer and asset protection strategies, provide guidance with asset re-titling and beneficiary changes, and estate liquidity planning.

Life Transitions

The one constant in life is change, and sometimes life transitions can be financially disruptive. That’s why we work to provide you with clarity during situations that may feel unfamiliar, complex, or overwhelming. Whether you are dealing with divorce, the death of a partner, inheritance, relocating, employment changes, retirement, or other life transitions, we offer our perspective and expertise to help you understand your options and move forward with confidence.

Multi-Generational Planning

With traditional wealth planning the primary objective is to create, build, and protect wealth, in order to maintain one’s lifestyle and provide for family. Multi-generational planning is focused on utilizing family wealth to facilitate the needs of multiple generation; from aging parents to great grand-children in some cases.

Retirement Planning

Your retirement plan should provide you with a comprehensive strategy for ensuring this phase of life is free of financial worries. This means optimizing your saving and investing strategies before and during retirement to create reliable retirement income you can count on. At WFA, we combine our expertise with your unique financial situation and retirement goals to build a plan that incorporates not only saving and investing strategies, but that also accounts for Social Security and Medicare planning, asset management, and retirement distributions planning.

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