Equity Compensation

Our equity compensation planning services for stock plan participants can help you maximize the value of your employee equity compensation. We have the experience of helping employees in Silicon Vally and beyond have a better understanding of their options and the opportunities your benefits can provide.

Our Comprehensive Equity Compensation Planning services will help you answer these questions:

equity compensation

What's on the table?

Do you know how much money you’d leave on the table if you left your company today?

Do you have leverage?

Do you know how much leverage there might be in your current equity grants?

What are your goals?

Do you have an idea of the stock price you need to get to to achieve your financial goals?

What does your portfolio look like?

Do you know how much of your portfolio is concentrated in your company stock?

Do you know when to move?

Do you know the best time or price to move on exercising your stock option grants?

What are the tax implications?

Do you know what the tax treatment is of your Employee Stock Option exercise?

There's no time like the present

Contact us today to speak to one of our trusted advisors for a free 30-minute analysis and planning session that will help you better understand your employee equity plan and the exercises that can be taken to help you plan ahead.